Safe Sanctuaries
When the crowd tried to keep the children away from Jesus, he was quick to respond, "Let the children come to me." Jesus taught that children were to be included and provided for within the community of faith. Today, the church may be the only place where some children find the unconditional love and care they so desperately need to grow and thrive. As Christians, we must take our responsibilities to our children very seriously. We fail in our responsibilities if we neglect to take adequate precautions against abuse in our churches. It is unlikely that we can completely prevent child abuse in every situation, but it is possible for us to greatly reduce the risk by following a thorough practical policy of prevention. This policy attempts to do just that for our church employees and volunteers that deal with children, youth, and vulnerable adults. It is based on our understanding of the widespread problem of abuse throughout our country. 
Why are Safe Sanctuaries Program Needed?
The General Conference of the United Methodist Church has adopted (1996) the resolution that United Methodist Churches implement a Safe Sanctuaries Program.  This resolution was aimed at reducing the risk of sexual abuse to children, youth, and vulnerable adults within the church.   Statistics indicate 3,000,000,000 incidents of abuse (children) in the 2000. Churches are at high risk due to factors including high level of trust in members and leaders, minimal screening of employees and volunteers, and opportunity for close contact and relationships.

About Our Photography & Videography Policies
We regulary and periodically take photos and videos ay Middletown UMC events intended for public and future use on our church website and publications.  If you do not wish to be photographed, recorded or videotaped for these purposes, please notify the photographer.  Otherwise, by remaining during the event, you are giving us exclusive permission to record and use such recordings for church purposes.

Safe Sanctuaries Program - Getting Started
On these pages, we intend to provide everything you need, and everything you need to know, to actively participate in the Middletown United Methodist Church's Safe Sanctuaries Program.  Getting started, we strongly suggest you read Pastor Derrick's introduction letter.  Viewing the Safe Sanctuaries Presentation is required which explains our program.   You can view the presentation online or download it for later viewing on your computer if MS PowerPoint (part of Microsoft Office) is installed on your computer.
-- OR --
Once you have completed viewing the entire presentation (on or offline), please download, print out, and complete the Training Completion Form which must be submitted with your application package.
To participate in MUMC's Safe Sanctuaries program, you must download, complete, sign, and submit all three forms that follow in this step. A background check is required on each applicant.  Click on the documents below to open the PDF files in new windows where they can be opened, saved, printed and completed.
Safe Sanctuary Volunteer Application
Safe Sanctuary Participation Ministry Covenant
Safe Sanctuaries Investigative Report
Hard copies of these forms are also available from the Church Office or in The Narthex.  All completed signed forms (including the Training Completion Form) may be submitted to Jeanne Turro, Robert Scapicio (Chair of SPRC), or Pastor Derrick Doherty in a sealed envelop.
If you have any questions regarding participation in the Safe Sanctuaries program, please speak with Pastor Doherty, Robert Scapicio, or Laurel Cline.