Finance Committee - ¶ 259.4

In accordance with the United Methodist Church Book of Discipline, Section 259.4, MUMC's Finance Committee is elected annually by the charge conference upon recommendation by the Committee on Lay Leadership. The Finance Committee is composed of the chairperson; the Pastor; Conference Lay Member; the chairperson of the Church Council; the chairperson (or representative) of Staff-Parish Relations Committee; a representative of the Board of Trustees (selected by the Trustees); the chairperson of the Stewardship Team; the Lay Leader; the Financial Secretary; the Treasurer; the church business administrator; and other members added as the charge conference may determine. More...

The Finance Committee meets the second Monday of each month, unless canceled, postponed or otherwise rescheduled. Church members interested in attending any Finance Committee meeting should notify the Chairperson prior to the monthly meeting date.
Finance Committee members can click here to access the secured committee page.