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MUMC Seen As "God's House!"

Hope this letter finds you well, cool, and enjoying your summer!

I am proud of how our church continues to be actively involved in Hurricane Sandy Disaster Response! We are currently hosting rebuild teams, providing meals for rebuild teams, sending local volunteers to help homeowners, coordinating some disaster case management, supplying some tools to volunteers, and praying for the survivors, volunteers, hosts, and coordinators.  In addition to the above items, our church has received many generous financial contributions which were given to support the Disaster Response and we continue to multiply those dollars through careful stewardship.

Recently our church was honored by one of the team members that we were hosting when he said, “This church really understands this building to be God’s house.”  What a wonderful compliment and what a deeply profound statement of truth.   Our church building, located at 924 Middletown-Lincroft Road in Middletown, NJ IS God’s house.  I am humbled that a stranger, till a few days ago, recognized that the Middletown United Methodist Church is God’s house.  This volunteer explained that too many churches (people) protect and persevere their church buildings.  Too many churches (people) get concerned with if the carpet gets dirty, if a certain room will be available for only that one group to use, if the refrigerator is left exactly how they left it.  Some churches haven’t opened their doors to hosting volunteer teams, Family Promise, etc., for a wide variety of fears and concerns.

Yes, we have concerns about shared building usage, carpets getting stained, and the stuff in (or not in) the refrigerator.  However as a church (the people) we understand that this building is God’s house and that God has entrusted us to use this building to better the world and God’s kingdom.  It is my personally opinion that when churches stop or prohibit ministries, out of fear or uncertainty of  ‘what might happen to the church building’ that church building stops being God’s house and slowly starts the transformation of becoming a museum of what God has done in that community.

I am proud and honor to be a part of a church that understanding the building to be God’s house.  Middletown United Methodist Church . . .  let’s keep being the Church!

In Christ,
Derrick L. Doherty, Pastor



The Lord Is Using MUMC

We are excited to say that the Lord has been using the Middletown United Methodist Church in a wonderful way since Super Storm Sandy.  God has used us to bring hope and renewal to many families and communities here in Monmouth County.  Our church has been able to shine Christ's Light in the dark wet corners of our communities in this post-Super Storm Sandy time. Thank you for your commitment and dedication in helping our neighbors and sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ!

With all that God has used us already to accomplish, we are not yet finished!  It's going to take approximately 3-5 years for all of our wonderful Jersey Shore to come back to the new normal.  Our church is currently exploring how we are going to be involved in the recovery/rebuild phase of Super Storm Sandy. We are looking into the possibilities of partnering with our United Methodist Conference and other relief agencies with hosting rebuild teams. We are exploring various options for us to be able to share the Good News of the God who walks on water during the storm throughout our entire disaster response ministries.

To this extent, please consider these questions: What has God placed on your heart? How do you believe God might be leading you and/or the Middletown United Methodist Church to serve God and our neighbors during our disaster response?  We pray you'll find the answers here on these pages, as we continue to develop our disaster response teams and keep you informed on our progress.

Thank you for all that has been done.  Thank you to people who have gathered supplies, sorted supplies, delivered supplies, assessed homes, cleaned homes, hosted showers and cooked meals for the many volunteers, greeted and welcomed EMS workers and volunteers, prayed, coordinated communications, and staffed the Call Center.

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The Leadership Team recently approved a set of recommendations for the church’s role in ongoing Sandy rebuild efforts. Our current plan is to use the church facilities to host teams of up to 20 people on behalf of UMCOR, Habitat for Humanity, and Americorps. As a church we would provide and area to sleep, access to the kitchen, a “thank you” dinner, and arrangements for showers. As part of this plan, MUMC will not be responsible for deploying the teams to work sites; this will remain the responsibility of UMCOR, Habitat for Humanity, and Americorps. To host teams on a frequent basis, we will need several volunteer positions filled:

  • Team Hosts -- each team will have one MUMC host, who would be the team's pre-arrival contact and daily host, making sure the team’s needs are met. 
  • Host Coordinator -- coordinates the Team Hosts, assuring each team has a host.
  • Booking Coordinator -- responsible for fielding requests to host teams and assuring space is available.
  • Thank You Dinner Coordinator -- responsible for identifying and be liaison to a group (e.g. committee, youth group, partner church) to provide one thank you dinner for each team.
  • Shower Coordinator -- works with local fitness centers and church members to assure all teams have daily access to showers.
  • Equipment Engineer -- responsible for maintenance of Disaster Response tools and equipment.
  • Equipment and Tool Inventory Coordinator -- tracks contents of trailer and tool shed, assures teams have access to necessary equipment and equipment is returned. Replenishes inventory when necessary.

Expanded job descriptions can accessed by clicking on the bold hyper-linked Job Titles or obtained from the church office.  Please pray about whether you are called to fill one of these positions, either by yourself or in partnership with another person.   For more information or to volunteer, please contact Pastor Derrick Doherty.

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Church Family & Friends,
The Emergency Response Site Assessment Form and Team Manual are available. Click on the image to view, download, save or print these documents.

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