About Us

The United Methodist Church of Middletown is a family-oriented church in which we try to meet the needs of all ages as we gather to worship our loving God and try to learn about how He relates to us personally and to our world.

We seek to be the Body of Christ ministering to the needs of the world and to the contemporary scene. We invite you to join us in worship, Christian education, and fellowship. Our programs and events are planned and designed to reach out to every member of your family. Our strength comes from our love of God, our love for each other, and His love for all of us.

Our History
During the early months of 1965, the clergy and laity of the First United Methodist Church of Red Bank (FUMCRB) held discussions about the need for further ministry in the Middletown Area.  As a result of those discussions and the movement of the Spirit to bring certain dedicated persons together embracing the same hopes, the congregation to be known as Middletown United Methodist Church came into being.

Under the leadership of Rev. Gordon Lowden, Sr. Pastor of the FUMCRB, and Rev. Paul Friedrich, Northeast District Superintendent, the Southern New Jersey Annual Conference enabled the purchase of the 7.3-acre plot on Middletown-Lincroft Road for the church building and the house and land on Marcshire Drive to become the parsonage.

Rev. Wayne ConradThe Rev. Wayne Conrad, Associate Pastor of FUMCRB was assigned the task of building the congregation and was appointed its first pastor.  The first service was held on October 10, 1965 in the All-Purpose Room of the Nut Swamp School attended by a group from the FUMCRB who became the first 30 charter members of the new congregation.

With light snow falling, the groundbreaking ceremony for the new church was held on November 19, 1967, Rev. Paul Friedrich presiding and Dr. Franklin Buck, Conference Program Counselor, attending.  A piano was dedicated which had been donated by Mrs. Brasch in memory of her husband Edward Brasch from whom the church property had been purchased.

The Rev. Williams Abrams was appointed the second pastor of Middletown United Methodist Church in 1967.  He guided the development of the church congregation as it struggled to meet the financial needs of a new building.
During his pastorate, new programs were launched, including:
  • MUMC's first Cooperative Vacation Bible School
  • The chartering of a chapter of United Methodist Men
  • A Couples' Club
  • The beginning of Middletown United Methodist Church's association with the Spanish Mission in Keyport, NJ.
Rev. Abrams served as pastor of Middletown United Methodist Church until 1971.

Rev. Donald Phillips, Jr.In 1971, The Rev. Donald Phillips Jr., appointed the third Pastor of Middletown United Methodist Church, marked his pastoral tenure by deepening the congregation's spiritual experience as the result of a Lay Witness Mission.  He envisioned Middletown United Methodist Church's cooperative work in Central Monmouth Inter-Church Ministry and enhanced the church music program with the purchase of an electric organ.   Rev. Phillips served as Middletown United Methodist Church pastor until 1975.

Rev. Richard WilsonIn 1975, the Rev. Richard Wilson became the fourth pastor of Middletown United Methodist Church who worked diligently with the committee responsible for carrying out the Church plan to sponsor a refugee family from Vietnam.  The church maintained a close relationship with the Nguyen family and ultimately sponsored their citizenship in 1982.   Rev. Wilson served as Middletown United Methodist Church pastor until 1985.


Rev. Norman W. SchanckIn 1985, the Rev. Norman W. Schanck was appointed the fifth pastor of Middletown United Methodist Church.  He had a beautifully trained voice and would often sing passages of scripture.  In addition to supporting the many ministries the church was already involved with, he initiated and facilitated congregation involvement in many new ministries.   Rev. Schanck served as Middletown United Methodist Church pastor until 1998 at which time he retired with distinction from service.

Rev. Robert D. Cook
In 1998, the Rev. Robert D. Cook was appointed the sixth pastor of Middletown United Methodist Church.  Rev. Cook had the ability to invoke intense spirituality in his congregation with vivid communication skills.  His sermons were characterized as truly bringing the scriptures alive, and his compassion for people brought them closer to God in their walks of faith.   Rev. Cook served as Middletown United Methodist Church pastor from 1998 to 2008.

In 2008, Rev. Dr. Glenn C. Ferguson was appointed the seventh pastor of Middletown United Methodist Church.  He faithfully served the church, the congregation, and the surrounding communities by expanding church ministries and youth groups.  Rev. Ferguson served as Middletown United Methodist Church pastor from 2008 to 2012.

In 2012, Rev. Derrick L. Doherty was appointed the eighth and current pastor of Middletown United Methodist Church.  He has rekindled congregational inspiration and involvement in church ministries, most especially, our youth.  A visionary, truly wise beyond his years, Rev. Doherty has renewed many of the church ministries.  Since Super Storm Sandy, he has developed and established our church's Disaster Response Team, keeping us active assisting victims and their families though our connection with UMCOR and A Future With Hope.