50th Anniversary Celebration!
Was held on Sunday, October 25, 2015
1965                2015


It all started last spring. A group from the congregation met to begin discussions about how do you celebrate 50 years of the church. At the time, it seemed like a daunting task but it couldn’t come and go without some recognition. Finding a date was our first big task. There was so much going on right around that time but we finally found a date squeezed in between everything else. Before we knew it people were stepping up to take on the many jobs… invitations had to be designed, names and addresses had to be gathered, where do we hold the lunch, who would provide lunch, how many should we plan on….the list grew.

Before you knew it the celebration was planned and the excitement grew. The women gathered pictures, tons of pictures. Stacey Lebitz and Lori Crandall thought the Trustees would handle the history and a time line grew. Picture boards were assembled with all of the different groups within the church. Pictures of our church family was assembled to go on the wall. Thank you gifts were put together by a trusty group of women with the help of Nanci Illingworth, Linda Patterson, Linda Rowse, Eleanor Collier, Esther Lynn Ciprich, Joan Noble, and Sandy Errickson. The beautiful center pieces were designed by Maria Welch. Wendy Sadowski spent hour’s running back and forth ordering the food and cake. Bob Scapicio and Pastor wrote the letters to former pastors and others who should be invited. Andrea Jacobs and ministries team decided on a mission project for the day.

Fran Scapicio and Nadine Hinds ironed tablecloths and with the help of Barbara Meyer, Anette Zelinsky and Denise Goudsward assembled all of the table settings. Debbie Vincent gave us a wonderful idea to carry our celebration forward with Christmas balls signed by all of our church family. Flowers were ordered and purchased thanks to Jeanne Turro and Janet Ferrara. Tables and chairs were set thanks to Frank.

The responses started to come it and our church family started to sign up to attend. Laurel Cline made sure everyone had a name tag. We were thrilled when our first Pastor Wayne Conrad and his wife, Sue wanted to join us for the day. The worship service was planned with the help of our worship team and pastor.

The day arrived and old friends and new started to pour in through our doors. What joy to see those familiar faces and to be able to greet them with warm hugs and some tears. The service of celebration was more than we could hope for. Everyone was there, the choir, the praise band, the Babcock bell choir and then we were given a wonderful gift of an anniversary song written by Stacey Lebitz and Rich Bennett! All of us participated in the mission…packing bags for the Keyport Ministerium Food Pantry…103 bags were packed! Thanks to all who donated food…so much food.

The lunch was the perfect time…enjoying delicious food and catching up with old friends. Time was given for some to share their experiences at MUMC. We could not have asked for a more perfect time. And clean up, as always everyone pitched in, thanks to Joanne Haffeman, Fran Scapicio, Denise Goudsward and so many more. Thanks to the youth for taking down all of the tables and chairs…ugh! If I have forgotten anyone, my apologies.

God has certainly blessed this church. With His faith in us He created a church filled with warmth, commitment, friendships and a sense of community. None of this would have been possible without Him and all of you.

With thanks, Carolyn Hooper

Here are a handful of photographs taken that wonderful day...

Sharing how Middletown United Methodist Church impacted our lives.

Rev. Wayne Conrad, first Pastor of MUMC, delivered the Message and Benediction.

Unified Chancel Choir, Praise Band, and Babcock Bells provided inspiring music in His Glory!

How blessed are we?  Our beginning and future standing together...

And with the help of all who attended, we filled 103 food bags to help the Keyport Ministerium Food Pantry!
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Glory be to God and all of you for making our 50th Anniversary a success!

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